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Shatsu offers you the best and easiest platform so you can sell your designs in our store completely free.

We handle everything.

The only thing you need to do is design!

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Make money selling your designs

We handle everything for you:

Stock & Printing



Transactions & Security

Customer Service


so that you only have to


Tell everyone

Colors you can choose

( #ffffff )

( #008fb7 )

True Royal
( #1f4c90 )

Heather Blue
( #5d668a )

( #2d2f3c )

( #e59fb7 )

( #e2447e )

( #d00f3c )

Independence Red
( #d00f3c )

( #e7df7a )

Heather Green
( #5ebd90 )

( #007656 )

( #b5b1b2 )

Heather Grey
( #b5b1b2 )

Storm Grey
( #6a6e71 )

( #403c39 )

Heather Dark Grey
( #262f36 )

( #000000 )

You can download a PSD file with all the colors here.

How much money can you make?

As much as you want. There are no minimums, no shipping costs, no problems when it comes to customer service, we take care of it. It's totally free.
We believe that artists should decide how much they make. It's your product so you control the price.

We have a base fee of 15€ per T shirt that covers: stock, printing, shipping, transactions, security, customer service and marketing. All you have to do is design, spread the word and collect your money.

For example

If you choose a sale price of 20€ – 15€ (base fee) = 5€ per unit sold.

So, if you sell 50 shirts each week, you will receive 1,000€ at the end of each month. That’s 12,000€ a year!

• Your designs will be sponsored in our store and on our Twitter, Instagram, …
• We handle the inventory, manufacturing, shipping, customer service and marketing so you can relax.
• Sell to anyone anywhere in the world.
• It’s free (no minimums)!


It's this easy



Create a breakthrough design



Submit your design and if it complies with the rules, you will enter the voting page



Now is the time to tell all your friends to vote for your design



If your design wins, you will start making money

The Rules

These are just the basics, please check the full terms and conditions before submitting your design.

This is where artists/designers can submit their designs to be voted by the Shatsu community members. We use a combination of votes and curated designs to decide what designs we put on sale on

When your design wins, we will start selling it in the store.

If your design gets printed, at the end of every month we will calculate your sales and will pay your proceedings on the PayPal account you configured on your Designer account.

You will need to upload two different files:
- An image in JPG file format ONLY with an exact size of 380x456 pixels and less than 400Kb. This will be the preview of your design which will appear on the voting page.
- A Vector Format file (EPS file format ONLY) with your design. The file needs to be less than 8Mb or it won't upload.

All artwork must be your own, you have to have created all of it yourself! In the case of a plagiarised design, they are always noticed and we will most likely delete your account so don’t do it!

We receive too many designs every day to put them all live so there is a basic selection process and not all designs are accepted. This review process can take up to 48 hours. If we reject your design we will tell you why. Your design must be of a reasonable level of design skill to be accepted, see the current designs as a guide.

If you want to see your design go top be sure to use the promote options on your vote page to share your design via Facebook, Twitter etc. Getting people in to vote for your design is key to becoming the most popular design so be sure to do your promotional work to get to the top of the charts!

Designs that get enough votes will be more likely to be printed so make sure to spread the word.

Ready to start selling your art?